Parents Go Above And Beyond For Their Kids, But What He Did? This Is Just Too Much

Storytime. When I was about five, I lost my beloved Beanie Baby moose in the park by my grandma’s house.

Treating it like a case of childhood trauma, I wailed and wailed about never seeing my tiny buddy again. True to form, my parents set out on a moosehunt that lasted for hours, but they came up empty-handed because some other horrible child had most likely stolen him. I was devastated. Life was trash.

Weeks later, I got a package in the mail that came with a letter and, much to my delight, my moose. Turns out it wasn’t my moose, but my parents and grandparents coordinated the “rescue” to bring my back from the brink. But what this dad did to rescue his daughter’s stuffed cat is on another level of dedication (or pure stupidity, you decide).

Watch as Dad laces up his boots to save his kiddo’s plush toy (hilariously named Princess Pottymouth) from an actual real-life bear. If I were that bear, I would have lost my full, complete shit on them.

The drama is absolutely gripping. Well, Dad. I don’t know why on God’s green Earth you decided to face a deadly predator for a stuffed animal, but I’m also not a parent and do not fully understand the depth of a child’s rage. Maybe let’s not taunt wild animals though. Be sure to share this story if you’d absolutely 100 percent never do this for your kid.

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