Body Cam Footage Captures Cop Planting Cocaine On Suspect

In response to recent instances of police brutality, more and more people have been calling for police officers to wear body cameras.

Proponents argue that the cameras protect both the police and the people they serve, showing exactly what happened in any given interaction. They’re not perfect devices, and they aren’t useful in every situation, but it could be argued that it’s the best solution we have right now.

One case in Los Angeles is proving that body cam footage can be used to help those who are wrongly accused. When a man was stopped by police, the camera footage revealed the officer planting a bag of cocaine on the suspect, lying to his fellow officers at the scene about where it was found.

Ultimately, this is a betrayal of this man, the other officers, and the community. Learn more in the video below.

Twitter / @nowthisnews

Fortunately, the LAPD has opened an investigation into this awful incident. Public outcry means that hopefully more body cameras will be put in place to protect innocent people.

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