Sylvester And Tweety, Take Notes — This Cat-Bird Duo Is The Cutest Animal Pair

One of the reasons why I love having pets is that they’re constantly surprising me.

I never thought that my cat could get along with dogs, but here I am with another cat and two dogs who have lived in harmony (for the most part) for years.This woman recently had the same experience when she decided to add a parakeet to her family and was pleasantly surprised at how well everything worked out.

Irina Stepanova from Chelabinsk, Russia, was hoping that her 10-year-old cat, Bonifazii, would at the very least tolerate Yasha the parakeet when she brought him home.What she didn’t expect was that they’d become best friends.

When she started introducing them to each other, something adorable happened.”I began to let [Yasha] out of the cage,” Stepanova told The Dodo. “He flew and Bonifazii calmly watched the parrot. Then Yasha landed on the floor and met the cat.”

After the first meeting, the pair became inseparable.

Now these unlikely friends do everything together.

Could they seriously be any cuter?

If they aren’t friendship goals, I’m not sure what is.

“Whenever I’m home, the parrot cage is always open.Bonifazii is a tolerant cat, and very gentle. I trust my cat,” Stephanova said.

But while these two get along amazingly, it’s important to never assume the same will be true when introducing different species to each other.

Celia Haddon, a cat behavior expert says that “although you will see cats being friendly to other species like house rabbits or parrots on YouTube, these are the exceptions.Never take this for granted. Always supervise.Something the other animal does — a squeak or a sudden movement – could trigger the dormant hunting instinct and the feline friend could become the feline hunter.”

(via The Dodo)

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