Error 404: These 30 Hilarious Animals Just Don’t Work

Let me say in advance: you’re welcome. I’m about to introduce you to your new favorite Twitter account.

We all have those days when we need some cute animals to help us get through work. And by “those days,” I mean EVERY day. Now, instead of scouring the web, you can go to one awesomely convenient place to get your fix. It’s my pleasure to present Broken Animals, a Twitter account that is “not as morbid as it sounds.”

1. All the pets on Broken Animals are showing signs of serious defect.

2. Some have merely stalled…

3. ….while others need a total reboot!


4. Most of the time they can be fixed by simply turning them off and back on again.

5. However, there are a few that seem to have no hope.

6. See what I mean? I’ve watched this 10 times and I’m still not sure what happened.

7. Even the most fabulous of queens fall off their throne from time to time.

8. And the fiercest of cats will always lose to cheese! I mean, come on, pre-sliced? That stuff is chock-full of preservatives.

9. Ah, the pugs are coming in nicely this year.

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10. A word of warning, though. Once mature, they are prone to going totally ballistic.

11. Let’s make some memes, shall we? Speed round! When there’s no food in the house, so you roll over and die.

12. When your whole family starts arguing at once.

13. When you want to look busy for your boss, but have zero intention of actually working.

14. When you really don’t want to go out but your friends insist.

15. When you overplay a situation for the attention.

16. This cat knows what I’m talking about!

17. If you think humans are dramatic, stop and take a good look at dogs and cats.

18. I mean, come on, kitty. He barely used any Force at all. You’re never going to be a Jedi at this rate.

19. You’re drunk, goat, go home!

20. Really, though, like BEYOND drunk.

21. As broken as they may be, animals with system failures are too darn cute.

22. And they try so hard!

23. Well, most of them anyway.

24. Some of them just break down, right when you least expect it.

25. Humans can learn a lot from broken animals. They aren’t ashamed of their sheer laziness…

26. …they wear what they please and don’t give a damn what others think…

27. …they take incredible risks…

28. …and they know how to let loose and have fun!

29. Best of all, they know there’s nothing wrong with being a little broken.

30. What did we do to deserve such wonderful creatures? The answer is nothing. We did nothing. They are clearly superior to us in every day and we are #blessed to have them!

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