Arcade Gamer Tries To Win Something In Claw Machine That Definitely Isn’t A Toy

When gamers at an arcade in Dubai recently approached a claw machine to play, they, like anyone else, were only expecting to see stuffed animals and other toys inside.

You can imagine their surprise and utter amusement, then, when they noticed a living creature snoozing among the soft plushies. A cat had somehow made its way inside the machine, where it then picked the comfiest spot to take a nap. It must have been a good one, too, because not even the claw could wake it up for more than a few seconds.

Even when one giggling man tried multiple times to “win” the totally unbothered feline, it went straight back to sleep!

(via Daily Mail)

It looks like the pick-up slot is open, so hopefully the cat was able to get out when it was ready. I can’t blame the little guy for sleeping in there, though — it does look pretty cozy!

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