This Sweet, Beloved Cat Suffered An Awful Death Because Of A Twisted Individual

Back in April, a passerby was horrified when she came across Strushie, a well-known and loved resident cat at the Franklin Hotel in Miami, Florida.

The woman had been feeding him on a daily basis, and on that awful day, she found him with an arrow in his head and neck. The poor thing’s injuries were so serious that when taken to a local vet, he had to be euthanized. The man responsible turned out to be 36-year-old Georgios Lollias, a clerk at the hotel. After retrieving hotel surveillance footage that Lollias had deleted, police arrested and charged him with animal cruelty and tampering with evidence on July 5.

In the footage, Lollias could be seen firing a crossbow into the bushes where Strushie was hiding. He hit the cat twice and later admitted to doing so. Learn more by watching the video below, but be warned that it contains disturbing and graphic images.

(via Daily Mail)

How anyone could be this cruel and violent to an animal who was so loved by everyone around him absolutely breaks my heart. Share if you think Lollias and anyone else involved should be punished to the full extent of the law.

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