Want To Be Pushy And Rude To These Baristas? It’ll Cost You, As It Should.

Anyone who’s worked in fast food restaurants or retail stores before knows all too well that customers often forget that the employees behind the counter are people, too.

If the usually crappy pay isn’t enough to make you quit these types of jobs, the rude, demanding customers will definitely do it. Politeness seems to go right out the window for many when shopping at the store or ordering a drink. That’s why one coffee shop in Roanoke, Virginia, decided to put more value into being polite last year.

Austin Simms, a barista at CUPS Coffee & Tea came up with a great way to encourage pleasant interactions by informing patrons that they would have to pay more for a cup of coffee if they forget to use their manners while ordering — and it was definitely a hit.

What I love about this idea is that it reminds us to always try to be kind to others, no matter where they work. Share if you think more businesses should take a page out of this shop’s book!

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