When This Guy Taught His Dogs Some Tricks, His Funny Cat Wanted In On The Action

You know how cats are supposed to do whatever they want and never obey their owners?

While that is certainly true for many of our feline friends, this kitty doesn’t seem to buy into the stereotype of her furry relatives. Maybe it’s because she lives with two dogs and doesn’t want to be shown up by them when they perform tricks for their owner, but either way, she’s definitely given him a reason to believe that she’s a very special cat.

When her dad started teaching her Rottweiler siblings a few commands, Didga the cat just couldn’t miss out on the fun. Watch below as she impressively proves that she’s just one of the dogs.

I’d try this with my own two kitties, but I know I’d just be wasting my time. Be sure to share this cute video if you wished your cats listened half as well!

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