Most People Would Totally Reject This Insane-Looking Cow. In India, It’s Worshipped.

Practitioners of nearly every religion and denomination are constantly looking for signs from their respective gods to help guide them through life.

However, the last place you’d expect to find a divine entity is at an animal shelter. When a baby cow was born with an oddly humanoid head, locals traveled far and wide to the small shelter in India to witness what they thought was the latest incarnation of a Hindu god.

Despite having died within one hour of birth, many of the visitors claim the cow resembled Gokaran, the 24th incarnation of Vishnu, and wanted to see it. The deity cow is being preserved in a glass box.

Once the calf is cremated, a temple is expected to be erected in the god’s honor.

(via Daily Mail)

Be sure to share this fascinating story with everyone you know! It’s pretty amazing to see how other cultures around the world celebrate their faith.

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