‘That’s Not My Dad!’ Confused Pup Doesn’t Recognize His Human After Weight Loss

In our culture, we typically glorify weight loss as a good thing that improves someone’s life.

The fact is, people lose weight for a ton of reasons, and sometimes they’re not happy ones. Shane Godfrey was recently hospitalized with complications from the flu. He nearly died, and over the course of his stay in the hospital, he lost more than 50 pounds.

He was eager to get home to his dog, Willie, but it turns out that he’d become so thin that his pup didn’t even recognize him.

Willie excitedly runs up and starts barking at the “stranger.” Once he realizes who it is, though, you’ll need some tissues.


That’s what I call following your nose. I’m so glad these two are reunited, happy, and healthy. Be sure to share this with all the dog lovers you know!

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