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Bagel Shop Employee Captures Peak Cuteness In Pups That Come By The Drive-Thru

Working the drive-thru isn’t really any fast food worker’s idea of fun, but for Natasha Jones, it’s a blast. That’s because she has the pleasure of greeting adorable, furry faces like these every day!

Back in November, Jones started working at the Einstein Bros. Bagels on Wickham Road in Melbourne, Florida. That’s when she started meeting all the cute pups accompanying their owners through the drive-thru, just waiting to be gifted with delicious doggie bagels the establishment offers for their four-legged clientele. Seeing their happy faces brought her so much joy at her job that she decided to start taking photos of the little guys and share them on Instagram.

“I just thought they were too cute not to share,” she told Bored Panda. And she rewards them handsomely for their precious mugs, adding that “every pup I see gets a free doggie bagel on me.”

From golden retrievers to huskies and corgis, check out some of the cutest pups (and maybe even other pets) Jones has served while working the drive-thru.

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That snoot💖

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Haley and Holly are ready for their close up!

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Meet Lexi! Our first pup of the day😍

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One of these pets is not like the others…

(via Bored Panda)

So much cuteness at one bagel shop! If I were in Jones’ shoes, this would definitely be my favorite part of the job. Check out more photos of the furry cuties she meets on Instagram.

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