A Cop Saw A Mama Duck Freaking Out. Then He Did Something Adorable!

While out for a walk, Susan Carnes stumbled upon a group of tiny ducklings stuck in a storm drain.

Unsure of what to do, Carnes called Tampa Police and before long, Officer Cameron Greene arrived to save the day. After retrieving a large crow bar from his squad car, he pried open the storm grate and hopped inside in hopes of rescuing the stranded ducklings. In almost no time at all, Greene was able to round up the duckings and reunite them with their panicked mother.

He even went so far as to guide them to a pond nearby!


(via LiveLeak)

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Thanks to Officer Greene’s bravery, these ducklings were able to reunite with their mama and live out the rest of their days in ducky bliss. Share this awesome rescue with someone who could use a good reason to smile.

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