Get A Real Bird’s-Eye View Of The Swiss Alps With This Footage Captured By An Eagle

As humans, we can only imagine what it’d feel like to soar in the air as a bird does. But thanks to this incredible footage, we can see the world from their perspective.

Back in 2014, Freedom Conservation, a movement with a mission “to protect and reintroduce threatened birds of prey through creative conservation methods,” strapped a camera to an eagle from their breeding facility in Thonon, France. Jacques-Olivier Travers, founder of the movement, teaches birds of prey born in captivity to hunt and fly by skiing, kayaking, and paragliding with them, claiming this methods give them a much better chance at survival when they are introduced back into the wild.

Once released, the majestic creature flew over the Swiss Alps, capturing breathtaking footage from a literal bird’s-eye view. Check out the spectacular sights it recorded below.

(via Daily Mail)

To have been that eagle for just a few moments. If you loved this video, be sure to check out all the others Freedom Conversation has to offer on YouTube.


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