They Were Filming On Mt. Etna In Italy. What Happened Next Could’ve Been Deadly

Have you ever watched those behind-the-scenes videos of film crews standing a few feet from wild grizzlies or plunging into the deepest, darkest parts of the ocean?

Seeing how all of our favorite documentaries are made is a pretty incredible experience, if not a nail-biting one. Fortunately, they usually go according to plan…but that wasn’t the case for these BBC filmmakers who were recording on Italy’s Mount Etna. Lest you forget, that’s an active volcano.

Because Mother Nature doesn’t give a damn about our TV specials, she went ahead and gave these filmmakers, tourists, and scientists the shock of a lifetime by letting Etna blow. The footage they captured is stunning and a little terrifying.

That was a close one.

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I can’t even imagine how scary that must’ve been, but you have to admit that the near-miss resulted in a pretty fascinating video. Share this with all the nature buffs on your friends list to remind them that Mother Nature’s the real boss!

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