She Was Pulling Her Boyfriend Off A Stretcher When He Suddenly Got On One Knee

Nobody likes hearing that their partner’s been rushed to the hospital, but in this woman’s case, it turned out to be the best news of her life.

Thomas Ciancia works as an emergency department nurse in Long Branch, New Jersey, with his girlfriend, Lauren Trulli. As it turns out, their workplace is where they met and fell in love, so he knew it had to be the place where he’d ask Trulli a life-changing question. With the help of other nurses and even an ambulance, Ciancia pretended to have a bad reaction caused by a peanut allergy and arranged to have Trulli meet a critical patient in the ambulance bay.

“When she saw it was me her heart dropped and she went into ER mode and quickly went inside to get IV set up,” Ciancia said. But she realized he was fine when he got on one knee.

(via Daily Mail)

What a roller coaster of emotions that must have been for Trulli, but she handled the shock amazingly well. We wish nothing but the best for this newly engaged couple.

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