Adorable Older Pup Does A Happy Dance When It’s Time To Go To A Forever Home

All shelter dogs want is a home and family to call their own, which is why it’s so heartbreaking when they go for years without being adopted.

Dreadlock the dog had spent close to half of his life in a shelter — four years to be exact. When he was first brought in, his fur (the inspiration for his name) was filthy and matted. He had a pretty terrible skin condition, too, but with love and care from volunteers, the little guy got better.

Now he loves cuddling and going on walks, but he’s described as a quiet, calm pup who doesn’t easily excite. That’s why just before Dreadlock turned 10, shelter volunteers were surprised to see him acting very differently from his usual demeanor. It’s almost as if he knew that he was finally getting a forever home!

Watch as this cutie playfully runs around and voices his excitement after being adopted. Something tells me he has an idea of what’s going on!

(via Gladwire)

Dreadlock was adopted in 2016, so we hope he’s now living his best life with his new family in the U.K. Share this adorable video if you couldn’t be happier for him.

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