This Precious Little Boy Saw A Firetruck Outside And Appropriately Lost His Mind

You know how they say that you should learn to enjoy the little things in life?

Well, this adorable little boy could definitely teach you a thing or two about that, especially when it comes to firetrucks. According to his parents, he’s a huge fan of them — so much so that when one pulled up next to his house to let water pressure out of a hydrant, he just couldn’t contain his excitement and had to share the amazing news with his mom and dad. His pure, innocent joy is contagious!

Watch his ecstatic reaction after looking out the window and just try not to smile. It’s impossible.

Isn’t he the cutest? Here’s hoping there are many more firetrucks in this kid’s future! Be sure to share this cute video with other parents whose children always enjoy the little things, too!

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