Dad Figures Out The Best Way To Get His Little Girl To Walk. He Is A Genius.

As a parent there comes a point where you realize that sometimes it takes a little bribery to get your children to do something.

Whether it’s the promise of a toy after getting straight A’s or an ice cream date after cleaning your room, bribes seem to be go-to for parents to get through the week without a major meltdown. But when it comes to Ben Hayman, there’s nothing like the power of food coercion to get his little girl to walk. Hayman recently shared a video of him coaxing daughter Evie to take her first steps with the help of a single French fry.

As Evie takes her first steps, you notice how her eyes are laser-focused on the fried food before her. We feel you, girl.

Maybe someone can lure me out of bed every morning with some fries every day.

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