Border Police Make Heartbreaking Discovery While Checking A Truck’s Cargo

When Guangxi police stopped a truck near the China-Vietnam border during a routine check in January, they noticed an inconsistency with the cargo load.

The driver had submitted a list detailing the cargo in the truck, but it had been differentfrom the amount of boxes that were actually inside, so they decided that the contents of the truck needed to be inspected.

As officers moved some of the boxes that were stacked, they saw whatlooked likea frozen carcass.That’s when they realized it was thebody of a crocodile.

After searching all 16 sealed foam boxes, they found 70 frozen Siamese crocodiles and 88 severed tails.

The freshwater crocodile is a critically endangered species.It is nearly extinct from most countries in the wild except Cambodia.Despite their endangered status, these beautiful creatures are farmed and trafficked for their skin.

The driver claimed he was following orders to transport a shipment of fish from Dongxing to Fangchenggang and had no idea about what was really inside the boxes.The officers seized the carcasses and began an investigation into the incident.

(via Honest To Paws)

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It’s horrible to witness any animal being illegally smuggled, but it’s especially heartbreaking to know that it threatens their continued existence. Share if you think those responsible need to be punished to the extent of the law.

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