This Bride Broke Down When A Surprise Wedding Guest Told Her To Listen To His Heart

When Becky Turner got engaged, her biggest wish was probably that her son could go to her wedding.

Unfortunately, Triston couldn’t be there because he had previously passed away — but his heart still lives on, beating in the chest of Jacob Kilby, whose life was saved when he received the organ in a successful transplant.

Becky’s groom, Kelly, knows more than anyone how much she misses her son, so with the help of a photographer from Love Adventured, he planned something incredibly touching for his bride-to-be.

In the middle of the ceremony, Kelly stopped everything so Becky could meet Jacob for the first time. Kelly had flown him out to Alaska to be a groomsman at their wedding.

Words can’t describe how special the moment was when Becky got to listen to Triston’s heart, but the photographer captured it beautifully.

Surprised, ecstatic, and likely overwhelmed, Becky couldn’t hold back her tears. Neither could many of the people in attendance.

Now Becky will always be able to look back and have fond memories of her wedding…

…not just because she got married to an amazing man, but because she got to hear her son’s heart beat one more time.

(via Love What Matters)

We wish these newlyweds and Jacob nothing but the best as they all begin their new lives. Share this touching story if it brought tears to your eyes.

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