Mom Wasn’t Paying Attention To Her Kids In The Car And It Ended In A Total Nightmare

We’ve all, on occasion, zoned out while driving and gone on complete autopilot.

Once you get into a routine, sometimes you can get to the places you go every day like work or your kids’ school without even thinking about it at all. There’s a difference, however, between being used to a routine and being completely oblivious to what’s happening around you.

One mother in Russia was driving along with her kids in the trunk of her car, which is where she first went wrong. Then, when the trunk flew open, her three-year-old little girl and young son wound up out on the street. What happened to Mom? Well, she didn’t even notice.

The cars behind her stopped and swerved around, trying to avoid hitting the already shaken-up kids.

Fortunately, neither of them were hurt and some kind strangers took them to the hospital. Their mother was later arrested, presumably for placing her children in danger. Share this if you can’t believe what you just saw.

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