Clown With Knife Gloves Just Slashed A Man To Death Because The World Is Horrible

According to a 2016 homeless death review compiled by the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless and the Denver Office of the Medical Examiner, the number of homeless deaths in the Denver area are on the rise.

Nearly 170 members of the Denver homeless community died as a result of everything from natural causes to exposure to harsh weather last year. One surprising find is that older, more chronically homeless individuals are more likely to be killed by violent attacks. One out of every four violent attacks on a homeless person in Denver ends in death. That said, it’s not every day a homeless man is attacked by a killer clown.

A man was arrested after stabbing a 29-year-old homeless person with a pair of bladed gloves, all while donning some frightening clown makeup. The killer clown, Christian Lee Gulzow, attacked the victim just after midnight on Tuesday after an argument started outside of a local restaurant. The pair exchanged blows before Gulzow attacked the man with his bladed glovers. He then left the scene on a scooter.

Gulzow was later spotted on the streets of Denver and arrested. As of now, he is pleading innocent.

(via Denver Post)

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The state of Colorado is currently working toward improving resources available to homeless people, but it’s too little too late for the victim of this killer clown. Share this story if you believe stronger actions should be taken to prevent and alleviate homelessness nationwide.

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