Want To Know When You’ll Hit Certain Milestones? Scientists Have Some Ideas

In our culture, youth is pretty revered for being the best time life has to offer.

Not everything is about being young, however. Scientists have taken a look at what exactly is going on in our brains and bodies at certain ages, and their research has actually been able to pin down human milestones. We know when most people usually hit their “peak” performance in certain areas, and some of the results are totally surprising.

Even the youngest among us have milestones. Seven is the age at which you’re the best at picking up on foreign languages.

Even though they’re not known for using them well, teenagers’ claim to fame is that at 18, human brains processes information the fastest.

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In our 20s we reach a ton of peaks, including remembering names, life satisfaction, muscle strength, finding a partner for marriage, and running marathons.

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Your 30s bring you tip-top bone mass, chess-playing abilities, facial recognition, and top salaries for women.

If you’re 40+, men reach their top salaries and people of all genders are most likely to win a Nobel prize.

Not quite a math person? You just might not have reached your peak yet. Understanding arithmetic and understanding people’s emotions are at highs in your 50s.


At 69, you reach another high point in the search for satisfaction in life.

Happiness with your body and extensive vocabularies are reported in your 70s.


Finally, your psychological well-being is best when you reach the age of 82. Wow!

(via IFL Science)

Every age has something special to teach us. Check out the full information about the study here, and be sure to share this with your friends and family.

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