Man Has Heartwarming Reunion With His Dog Who’d Been Missing For Six Days

As a cat and dog parent, I’m lucky enough to say I’ve never had to deal with the fear and worry that comes with searching for a lost pet. Unfortunately for this dog dad, he can’t say the same.

Back in January, a seven-month-old Doberman pinscher named Noris went missing from his home for nearly a week. A man on a mission, the dog’s owner launched a search and took to the internet, asking anyone in the area to keep their eyes out for the dog and spread the word. Thanks to his and other people’s efforts, one family ended up finding the missing pup. Needless to say, this pet parent was thrilled to hear the news.

Watch the sweet moment Noris is finally reunited with his dad after six days. (Turn on subtitles for the English translation.)

Props to the community for really stepping up in this man’s time of need. I’m sure Noris is eternally grateful as well!

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