If This Mom’s Before & After Photos Don’t Scare You From Tanning Too Much, Nothing Will

Our skin is the single largest organ that we possess and when we fail to take care of it in the proper manner, we are left susceptible to numerous ailments and diseases that we cannot adequately control. The skin is made to keep us protected from various natural predators, including heat, sunlight and the various injuries and infections that heat and sunlight can cause.

Skin cancer occurs when we allow the skin cells’ DNA to become damaged. When we expose ourselves to excessive amounts of radiation from tanning beds or the sun, skin cells become abnormal and start to grow uncontrollably. We are all susceptible to skin cancer and it is the most common form of cancer that currently takes place within the United States.

Melanoma is the most dangerous form of skin cancer and if your moles are experiencing any sort of unexpected change, this is usually a sure sign that you are in the throes of dealing with the dangerous illness. Bethany is from Texas and she went through this awful experience back in 2015, when she noticed that a dark spot had shown up on her skin while she was pregnant.

While she initially thought that the spot had been caused by some simple changes in hormones, she would soon learn the awful truth. Within 18 months, the spot become more painful and when she visited a dermatologist, she received the diagnosis that everyone fears. It was an invasive and aggressive form of melanoma that would need to be treated immediately.

The cancer continued to spread after the mole had been removed. She is now sharing the journey with the world, in hopes of spreading awareness. She believes that the damages have been caused by excessive use of tanning beds and she went through painful immunotherapy treatments to become cancer free. If these photos don’t serve as a tanning turn off, we are unsure what will.

This story definitely needs to be shared with a much wider audience, so that awareness can be raised about the importance of checking into moles that have experienced a recent charge. No one should ever make the same mistakes that Bethany did and if you notice any sort of change in your moles or the moles of a loved one, please be sure to pick up the phone and contact a medical professional as soon as possible.

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