This Devious Pup Will Make You Wonder What Your Dog’s Up To When You Leave

Having dogs can feel like a full time job of worrying, even when you’re not at home with them.

How many times have you noticed that things were too quiet only to find your naughty pup getting into trouble? Or how often do you leave home and spend the entire time away wondering whether Fido’s destroying your prized possessions? They may be good girls and boys when they know we’re watching, but as this mischievous dog proved, things change when they think they can get away with their dirty deeds.

Rocco the dog was determined to open the cupboard door when his efforts were thwarted. Little did he know that his owner was right behind him the whole time!

Rocco’s guilt after being caught is palpable. Maybe you’ll discover all the treasures inside that magical door next time, buddy.

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