This Aptly-Named Pup Had A Rough Start, But Now He’ll Melt Your Heart!

If you were to meet Picasso the dog, you’d immediately notice something different about his face.

The lovable pooch was born with a facial deformity where his snout twists to the right and his jaw to the left.Unfortunately, when his breeder couldn’t sell him, he was sent to a shelter where a fate of euthanasia awaited him.His brother Pablo was sent there as well after the people who adopted him decided that they didn’t want him anymore.

But luckily for this unique pup, the Luvable Dog Rescue in Eugene, Oregon, stepped in.While looking around for special needs dogs, they came across Picasso and couldn’t resist taking him in.

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What’s even better is that they rescued Pablo, too!

Now these adorable characters are in need of a new home.

You can clearly see how bonded they are, so they’ll need to be placed together.

The rescue has already had tons of offers, but Picasso needs dental surgery first to remove a few teeth that are digging into the roof of his mouth.

Something tells me they’ll both be snatched up in lightning speed as soon as that happens.

I mean, it’s pretty hard not to fall in love with the duo!

Seriously, how could you resist that adorable face?

If you need me, I’ll be watching his videos all day long!

(via Mashable)

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You can stay updated on Pablo and Picasso on Instagram and Facebook, and be sure to share their story with all your dog-loving friends!

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