This Dog Is Blind But He Wasn’t Born That Way…How He Got Here Is Heartbreaking

In early 2015, Liz Haslam, who runs a rescue called BedsforBullies in Barnham, England, received a call from an animal protection group in Turkey about a bull terrier named Eric who’d been cruelly shot with a paintball gun.

They had found the poor thing in bad condition. He was covered in paint from being shot over 50 times, was left deaf and blind, and even had injuries on his face that led them to believe he had been involved in illegal dog fights.It’s very unlikely that he would have survived long without their help.

“It is a wonder it didn’t kill him straight away or he didn’t die from septicaemia from the filthy conditions he was living in,” Haslam said. She immediately wanted to take him in, but the trip to England alone would cost thousands of dollars.

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She was fortunately able to raise the money and got to meet Eric in September 2015.

She’s been taking care of him and helping him heal ever since, but got some bad news about his condition in January.

After taking him to the vet when he developed a lump in his soft palate, Haslam was told that there were over 50 lead pellets in his head and a tooth embedded in his jaw that wasn’t his.”We were told he was shot in the head after fighting with another dog,” she said.

The tooth was removed, but the vet said that they couldn’t do the same for all the pellets because the operation would be too extensive.Even without removing the pellets, though, her vet bill was over $4,000.

“I live for my dogs and do everything I can for them. To enable to mecontinue what I do I need somebody to help me along the way with somefunds. All the money is spent on them and I don’t get a penny. I’m happyfor people to donate to the vets directly so they can be sure where themoney is going,” said Haslam.

(via Honest to Paws and Daily Mail)

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If you’d like to help her care for Eric and her other rescue dogs, you can donate to BedsforBullies here.Be sure to share this story with others who might want to pitch in as well.

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