He Partied A Little Too Hard With His Friends And Woke Up With A Painful Reminder

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve done some dumb stuff while drunk. That said, I’ve never woken up with tattooed eyelids.

Following a three-day bender in Mexico with two of his friends, Jay woke up to see that his buddies’ legs were covered in bad, amateur tattoos. Like any good friend, he pointed and laughed — then, they started pointing and laughing back. In a real-life “Hangover” moment, Jay looked in the mirror and was horrified to see that he’d gotten “PARTY 2 IMPACT” tattooed on his eyelids.

Once back home in Melbourne, he was able to get his tattoo removed. While he might not remember the pain of getting inked, he won’t soon forget this!


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He’s never going to live this down! Be sure to share his drunken mistake with your friends as a warning. You never know what might happen when you party for 72 hours straight!

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