These Potholes Are Decorated With Really Cute Rocket Ships…Right? RIGHT?

Potholes.Everyone hates them, and this cancer of the streets always seems to pop up faster than people can fill it all in.

In some neighborhoods, however, it takes way too long for these annoyances to be fixed — that is, if they ever get fixed at all.People living in this California community got completely fed up when their pothole-filled street stayed that way for what they say is a long time, so they found a hilariously inappropriate way to make it impossible for the city to overlook the problem.

Well, that’s one (huge) way to get attention!

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I don’t blame these people at all. In fact, I applaud them for not only making me laugh, but for trying to get the city to address these nuisances. Share if you’d consider doing the same in their situation!

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