She Thought Getting A Puppy Was Great Enough, But Then She Saw Something Even Better

This epic proposal provides a whole new meaning to the phrase “puppy love.”

If you asked most women which they’d prefer, a puppy or to get engaged, most women would probably choose the latter. But why not have both? That’s exactly what happened to unsuspecting bride-to-be Lacey Peter when her long-term boyfriend, John Higbee, brought home a puppy. But while reading the dog’s name tag, she got an even bigger surprise when she looked up to see Higbee on one knee asking her to be his wife.

Peter shared the emotional proposal on social media with the caption, “A puppy and a fiancé all in one day!?”

(via Daily Mail)

We wish the puppy and Peter the best of luck on a happy future together. Oh and her fiancé, too!

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