He Walked Up To Little Boys At A Restaurant, And When They Saw Him, They Broke Down

Navy Officer Roberto Tapiador decided to hang up his uniform for just one day in order to try his hand at waiting tables for some very special young boys.

Officer Tapiador had been stationed overseas in Djibouti for the last nine months, but once he discovered that he would be on leave in time to celebrate Christmas with his wife and two boys, he knew he wanted to give them a surprise they’d never forget. As his family sat at a local restaurant awaiting their food, Officer Tapiador’s boys were caught off guard when their lunch arrived in the hands of their father.

With Dad home for the holidays, it was guaranteed to be a very merry Christmas indeed.

They were taken so off guard at first! Watching them go through a roller coaster of emotions made my heart grow three sizes, that’s for sure!

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