She Wanted Her Navy Husband In Her Maternity Photos, So The Photographer Did This

Though 19-year-old Nicole Bedwell is due to give birth to her first child this month, her husband, 21-year-old Navy Corpsman Wesley Bedwell, has missed almost her entire pregnancy.

Just a month after they found out Nicole was expecting, Wesley was deployed overseas in November.Unfortunately, he didn’t get to watch their daughter grow inside his wife’s belly.He also wasn’t able to be there when Nicole had her maternity pictures taken.However, photographer Traci Fugitt, owner ofTraci Lynn Photography, came up with a touching way to include Wesley in the photos.

“It was just something we talked about. I just wanted him in the picture because he wasn’t able to be here during the whole pregnancy so she cropped him in,” Bedwell said.

Traci snapped shots of Nicole holding a photo of Wesley, but what she took next was even more special.

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Using a photo Wesley had taken overseas, Traci combined it with another of Nicole to reunite them in this touching image.

“I cried, both of our families cried,” Nicole said. “It’s been really emotional for me to have my husband gone my whole pregnancy, so the fact that Traci was able to include him in my maternity session was very emotional. We will never be having our first child again. He’s my family, so having him included touched my heart. It made me happy.”

Nicole was initially going to give birth while Wesley was overseas, but after learning that her pregnancy was high-risk because she developed hypertension, she will now be induced this week — and Wesley will be able to come home for it.

(via Inside Edition)

I can’t imagine how difficult it’s been for both of them to be apart during such an important time in their lives, but I’m glad that they’ll always have these special photos to look back on.You can check out more of Traci’s work here, and be sure to share if you love what she did for these parents-to-be!

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