Panic Broke Out When These Beachgoers Saw What Was In The Water Just Inches Away

Even though sharks can be super scary, we don’t see them all that often.

They mostly keep to themselves, despite all the bad press they get for being “monsters.” One shark recently proved that it would do almost anything for its dinner, though, and it didn’t have humans in mind. A large fish made its way into the shallow water of the beach on Alabama’s Gulf Coast, and the shark followed, whipping around trying to snag its snack. Understandably, this sent the humans in the water into a frenzy of their own.

Some people who didn’t understand English initially remained in the water, but they eventually realized something was coming and ran out. This is so scary!

I’m so glad no one was hurt. Keep an eye on the water to protect your fellow beachgoers this summer, and be sure to share this video with the people you know who will be having fun in the sun.

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