Amazing Video Of Sharks Swimming Through School Of Fish Is Something You Have To See

When a massive school of menhaden, or bunker fish, recently gathered in the Hamptons on Long Island, a group of lucky sharks took advantage of the easy meal.

Vacationer Tovi Sonnenberg was pretty lucky himself when he noticed the fish swimming near the shore while he was on the beach on August 16. “We saw splashing in the water,” he said. “The lifeguard came by and said there was a feeding frenzy with dolphins and sharks. It couldn’t have been 10 feet from the shore.”

That’s when he decided to pull out his drone and record about 50 feet from the shore. He ended up capturing the amazing footage of sharks making their way through the school below.

(via Global News)

This is so beautiful and oddly soothing to watch. Sonnenberg should be very proud of what he was able to film!

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