She Was Distracted For A Few Seconds. Then He Did This To Her Baby

The last place you’d expect your child to be in danger is by your side at the grocery store, which is what makes this terrifying footage from Houston so alarming.

Florence Monauer and her 14-month-old daughter were shopping together inside their local H Mart grocery store without a care in the world when a total stranger tried to kidnap her daughter. With her back turned, a man tried to pick up the toddler from the shopping cart without speaking to or asking Monauer for permission. The frantic mom quickly shifted her attention toward her child after she heard rustling coming from the cart as the man tried to unbuckle her safety belt. After being confronted, he walked away and exited the store.

Monauer is hoping that surveillance footage can help her seek justice against the potential kidnapper.


(via NBC DHW)

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