Good Samaritan Devastated As He Tries And Fails To Save Passengers In Doomed Van

On May 8, 88-year-old Eugene Hayden and his 64-year-old daughter, Carol, were in their minivan when they drove off the South Jetty in Venice, Florida.

According to police, the vehicle had hit a park bench, backed up, then drove forward and over the rocks into the water below. Multiple people jumped in to save them, but a man named Tim Cobb was the only one able to get close enough to help. Though he succeeded at smashing one of the windows out, it tragically wasn’t enough to save the father and daughter.

Cobb says the two were both frozen in fear, but that they tried to get themselves out. Unfortunately, they weren’t fast enough before the van sank completely. A bystander recorded the heartbreaking attempt on her phone in the video below, but be warned that it is difficult to watch.

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After the vehicle was completely submerged, the tide pulled it out into the Gulf of Mexico. Police weren’t able to recover it for two hours. Our hearts go out to the family of Eugene and Carol as they deal with this devastating loss. Share if you wish they could have been saved.

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