Someone Called The Cops To Ruin Their Summer Fun. Then The Officers Did This!

When the police show up to any house party, it’s safe to assume that it’s pretty much over. That, however, was not the case at this get-together in North Carolina.

Police responded to a complaint from anAsheville neighborhood after a giant slip-and-slide was set up as part of a Fourth of July block party. The call was made after one neighbor complained that the DIY slide was blocking the road, messing with the flow of traffic. But when two officers arrived on the scene, they discovered that not only was the slip-and-slide not blocking the flow of traffic, but it looked like an awesome way to beat the heat.

Instead of shutting down the water ride, the officers asked if they could join in on the fun!


After their slip-and-slide video went viral, these officers stopped by a local morning show to recount what happened.

(Via The Washington Post)

They easily could have rained on their parade, but it’s pretty cool that these cops decided to let neighborhood kids just have fun. Share if you’d love for this to happen at your next party!

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