A Snake Tried To Eat A Porcupine. As You Can Guess, It Definitely Didn’t End Well.

Boa constrictors are known for being able to eat animals several times their own size.

First, they wrap their scaly bodies around their prey, then they squeeze with their powerful muscles until their meal stops breathing. Then the beast from your nightmare unhinges its jaw in order to swallow dinner whole.

But what happens when these powerful snakes have eyes that are too big for their stomachs? Look no further than a boa constrictor in Brazil that decided the nearest porcupine looked like the perfect snack without thinking much about the consequences until it was way too late.

The snake was covered in quills after the encounter, and the person who found it recorded it writhing in pain. Check it out in the video below.


Porcupine: 1. Snake: 0. If he survives this painful experience, I bet he’ll think twice about the next thing he decides to eat. Share this bizarre footage with everyone you know!

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