She Thought There Was Some String Near Her Baby. Then She Made A Gross Realization.

During the summer months, no matter how spotless you keep your home, it’s pretty much inevitable that a few pesky insects will make their way in. What this mom found near her son, however, is way more disgusting than your run-of-the-mill ladybug or fly.

When Jillian Duke went into her toddler’s nursery to check in, she noticed a large string-like mass that turned out to be a gigantic spider. Unsure of what to do, Duke called her husband and parents to help remedy her bug problem. After killing the insect with a book, Duke and her father couldn’t help but express their shock at the enormous size of the thing.

After sending the dead spider off to a group of entomologists to ensure that her toddler’s life wasn’t at risk, it was discovered that it was in fact an Australian Huntsman Spider. Not only is this species of spider one of the largest in the world, but it’s also not native to North America.

(via Mommy Page)

Following her buggy encounter, Duke urged her apartment complex to invest in spray treatments to prevent additional insect from taking up shelter in their homes. Share this if such a gross find would send shivers down your spine!

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