This Teacher Has 100 Pieces Of Advice You Just Need to Read. They’ll Help More Than You Think.

Teachers can be some of the most influential people in our lives. Most people can even point to one in particular during their childhood that made a special impact. Whether helping them through an emotional period, or just inspiring you to love a certain topic in school, these are the people that impact our lives the most. They’re the ones we WANT to listen to. Something tells me that if I had this man as a teacher, he would have been an inspiration… day in and day out. He gave his students his personal words of wisdom. (They did not disappoint.)

(Source: Tickld) It wouldn’t be a surprise if he turned out to be everyone’s favorite teacher. 100 tips may seem like a lot, but each make such perfect sense. Share his incredible life advice with your friends by clicking on the button below. You may help them in ways you’ll never know.

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