7-Year-Old Went To School For Some Extra Tutoring, But His Teacher Beat Him Up

Some crimes are so reprehensible that even the police cringe.

That’s what happened when seven-year-old Trayvon Grayson was at his elementary school for a tutoring program and was beaten by his instructor. Timothy Randall Korr, 25, was caught on surveillance video slamming the child into a wall, breaking his jaw, jamming a molar into his gums, and breaking two teeth. Baltimore police spokesman T.J. Smith was so disgusted by the video that he had a hard time watching it.

The full story has made headlines in the Baltimore area and beyond.

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Korr now faces charges related to child abuse, assault, reckless endangerment, and neglect. If found guilty on all counts, he could face 85 years in jail. Here’s hoping justice is served for this little boy.

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