She Was Driving When She Saw Something Running…Then She Caught Amazing Footage

Rhonda Miller was recently headed to work on a rural highway in Canada’s Northwest Territories when something caught her eye.

At first she assumed it was probably just another person walking on the road, but then she realized that the creature was running on all fours.”I slowed down a bit and I got closer. I thought it was a bear, and I thought, it can’t be a bear because it was the wrong time of year,” she said.That’s when she figured out that the incredible (and intimidating) sight she was witnessing was two black wolves running at about 30 miles per hour alongside her car.

“My body immediately became afraid…I was so struck by the size of their heads and their jaws,” she said.They even sent a glance her way.

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Though I’m sure I would’ve been a little scared as well, I so wish that this had happened to me!Share if you wish you could have seen these beautiful animals in real life, too.

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